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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Hayley Schmitz

The founder of Hamptons workout hotspot, Norma Jean Pilates, shares her beauty staples, from a hot red lipstick to skin-boosting chlorophyll drops.
Hayley Schmitz of Norma Jean Pilates
Hayley Schmitz of Norma Jean Pilates, whom we must point out is photographed here without her signature red lip color.

Newlywed Hayley Schmitz is the powerhouse founder behind Hamptons’ workout hotspot Norma Jean Pilates. (It’s named for Marilyn Monroe and Schmitz’s adorable pup.)

Schmitz sees to it that each of her clients get sculpted, toned, and whipped into shape during private or small group classes. (We loved her circuit-style Butt, Legs & Thighs class with cardio, lunges and squats). And Pilates, she swears, is her number one beauty practice.

“My ultimate beauty obsession is Pilates,” Schmitz says. “I practice it every day to help me build strength and flexibility and to relax and restore my mind and body.” In other words, it’s all about beauty from the core. (So to speak.)

While the Wunda chair and the Pilates ring can help build a healthy body, they can’t moisturize your skin. So we challenged Schmitz to come up with the beauty must-haves that help preserve and enhance her post-Pilates glow. Here’s what she said:

Arbonne1. Christie Brinkley Day & Night DNA Renewal System ($100) I love the results of this duo. It’s an anti-ager by increasing skin’s collagen and elastin production, and it protects it from the damaging effects of the environment. I also love that they’re paraben-free and vegan.

2. Arbonne Lipstick in Runway Rouge ($25) I wear lipstick every day and I love Marilyn Monroe! This was her color. I like that Arbonne is botanically-based, and made without animal products, parabens, or petroleum-derived ingredients.


3. Norma Kamali Olive Oil Only Soap ($85) Organic olive oil is filled with so many nutrients that using this soap actually increases my skin’s moisture levels, which is especially essential come fall and winter.

4. Zannclip ($13) This is my favorite hair clip. It’s so pretty and so amazing! You can jump, run, and lie down with it in and it won’t come out. It also comes in a variety of colors.

5. World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll with Spearmint and Glycerin ($10) I add this mineral-rich supplement to my water. It’s super healthy for my body—it’s a red blood cell builder, a liver purifier, and a great skin healer. Plus it’s super affordable. —Jamie McKillop

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