My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jenna Hipp

Hollywood's go-to celebrity green manicurist shares her natural beauty must-haves for fending off dry hands and itchy winter skin to frazzled nerves.

Jenna HippJenna Hipp is Hollywood’s go-to celebrity natural manicurist, meaning she trims, buffs, and paints the red-carpet nails of starlets like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez to Drew Barrymore—using only the greenest and coolest—products available.

Most recently, Hipp got her hand in non-toxic nail lacquer formulation by collaborating with RGB on a line of self-titled super-stylish polishes that are five-free.

And it’s all in the name of health—not fame.

“Nosebleeds, rashes, headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness—these are the symptoms I was experiencing using popular nail-care brands,” the California girl says. “The realization forced me to take control of my health and my career for myself and my clients.”

“The earth offers us so much more than a place to live,” Hipp says. “It provides us with just about everything we need to properly take care of our bodies. I’m obsessed with brands who embrace this philosophy,” she says.

Keep reading for the natural beauty products she’s currently crushing on. —Jamie McKillop

Lite+Cycle1. Lite+Cycle Vetiver Sustainable Pillar Candle ($68) I love to light a Lite+Cycle candle before every treatment to instantly create a space of calmness and relaxation. You feel should feel pampered, not pressured—and that’s the ambiance these organic and clarifying candle creates.

2. H. Gillerman Organics Travel Remedy ($48) I’m a huge fan of essential oils, and there’s only one brand in my book: Hope Gillerman. Some of her blends come in rollerball form, so try combining Travel Remedy (it’s really great for water retention) with Muscle Remedy with by rolling them up your calves and behind your knees anytime you feel anxious to calm and boost circulation. You will be transported and amazed by what they do—and the soothing effects last for hours.

HIPP X RGB3. HIPPxRGB in Highlight ($20) Like a glow-providing highlighter for your face that reflects light, HIPPxRGB Highlight can be applied on a desired part of the nail to illuminate a certain area or juxtaposed with a matte stripe or color. Or you can layer it all over to add a healthy looking radiance and a fresh, pretty reflection. It’s really versatile.

oneloveorganics_mist-rose-body4. One Love Organics Aromatic Body Serum Mist in Rose ($39) Try this organic and aromatherapeutic treatment on your feet and body directly after your bath, when your skin’s still damp. It’s a mist of precious oils, like pumpkin seed and sea buckthorn, that intensely nourish the skin plus other natural plant extracts. It leaves my skin beautifully scented and super soft to the touch. My favorite scent is rose, but it comes in other scents—lavender, neroli, or chamomile.

5. Tweezerman Mini Rescue Nail Kit ($20) TweezermanThe proper tools are everything, and that doesn’t mean your teeth! Being ready for a hangnail or nail tear when it happens is the best fix. Keep multiple mini nail kits around you—your car, your office, your house—be sure a proper angled cuticle clipper and nail file is readily available.

Beauty Bonus! Hipp Tips: Proper hydration is key, so be sure to apply hand cream at least three times a day, especially after doing the dishes or before bed. I’m working on a cream right now… To keep nails and nail beds clean, use an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. And to avoid breaks and snags, keep your nails evenly filed.

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