My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jeralyn Gerba

The co-founder and editorial director of cool travel website Fathom shares her natural beauty essentials for life at 30,000 feet.

Jeralyn Fathom Jeralyn Gerba, the co-founder and editorial director of cool travel website Fathom, curates personal stories and travel advice for the modern globetrotter—which sounds (and is) pretty glamorous.

But her jet-setting profession introduces a few obstacles regarding her skin-care product choices and regular beauty regime.

We’re talking hours upon hours spent on planes, and TSA carry-on regulations that limit how many liquids she can tote. In other words, her lifestyle is a potential skin-care nightmare.

But the seasoned jet-setter and beauty aficionado has devised a way to circumvent the issue:

“I’ve been traveling around Italy and Germany for the last six weeks with hand luggage in tow,” she says. “Limited space in my toiletry bag means I need beauty products that go the extra mile.”

Here are five products that Gerba deems worthy enough to claim a spot in her prized but limited Dopp kit:

Tonic 1. Susanne Kaufmann Tonic Soothing ($45) The Alpine beauty brand takes a holistic, hand-crafted, ecological approach to beauty—products are based on traditional plant remedies and made with healing ingredients. The tonic, my favorite, is a herbaceous cocktail of St. John’s wort and chamomile. It’s very gentle on tired and stressed skin that’s only been hydrated with Italian wine for the last few weeks.

2. Maroc Maroc L’Or et L’Argan (Prices vary) I fell in love with Maroc Maroc at a hammam in Marrakech. The oil is extracted from the argan tree which grows in the High Atlas region, a semi desert, and is used in a broad range of North African cosmetics and cooking. This spritz bottle is loaded with vitamin E and has the tiniest bit of gold dust, so it gives the skin a very (very!) subtle sun-kissed shimmer. It also has an incredible scent that reminds me of Morocco.

Earth Tu Face kit

3. Earth Tu Face Travel Kit ($64 for three products) After a personally disasterous experience with face oils, a dear pal introduced me to this plant-based natural skin-care line. I specifically love the face soap with organic oils. I’ve been using it every other day for the last two months, and I must say, it’s been pure joy. Seeing as it’s made with 100-percent food-grade ingredients, I will now eat my words.

Adler 4. Alder Hair Shampoo ($30) My husband came back from the barber shop with this nifty bottle of bergamot-scented, talc-free dry shampoo, and I use it as a hair pick-me-up on days when styling has gone awry (say, after 15 hours in transit). It’s made with rice powder and kaolin clay and a little goes a long way.

5. Weleda Salt Toothpaste ($8) I’ve never met a toothpaste that makes me feel healthy in the way that the old-school, all-natural pioneering Weleda toothpaste does. It has a grainy texture that gives teeth a good scrubbing. And it’s made with myrrh extract, horse chestnut, and all sorts of other things (blackthorn, bark) that sound like they belong in a witch’s brew—and it has magic results. —Jamie McKillop

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