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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jessica Frandson

Among Frandson's simple beauty necessities? The Twistband, a kink-free hair elastic that's a fitness scene staple—which she created. See all her picks.

Jessica TwistbandsJessica Frandson is the creator of the Twistband, a kink-free hair tie that can easily be spotted on the wrists or locks of stylish frequenters of spin classes, barre studios, and boot camps.

Little did the Orange County businesswoman know how much fitness mavens would grab them up.

“Inventing Twistband has been like inventing the chocolate chip cookie,” she says. “Everyone loves them! It’s a simple product that works.”

And her love of simplicity (mostly) carries over to her beauty philosophy.

“Less is more,” she says. “Unless you are being photographed. Then more is better.” (Good point!)

Here, the Californian shares her personal recipe for effortless, “just-woke-up-like-this” beauty.

Green Apple Peel

1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel ($39) The green apple peel does so many things for my skin—it exfoliates, clears, and brightens it. I use this twice a week—it takes just few minutes—and it makes my skin glow.

2. Butter London Nude Nail Polish in “All Hail The Queen” ($15) I am an all or nothing girl when it comes to nail polish. So it’s either clear, barely there, or a bold statement in red.

All Hail the Queen

3. Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream ($90) The best way I can describe this? It’s like all-natural Botox for the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

4. Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes ($17) These are great for travel. They feel really fresh—and don’t have the chemicals of most wipes. I use them on the entire family.


5. Twistband Printed Neon Hair Tie Set ($7) I don’t go anywhere, even to bed, without a Twistband. I feel naked without one. —Jamie McKillop

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