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Karim OrangeEmmy-nominated makeup artist Karim Orange has created looks for a long, varied list of Hollywood celebs—from Lil’ Kim to Rosario Dawson and Meredith Viera.

And she does it all while avoiding chemical-packed makeup and beauty brands.

Orange became a crusader for natural beauty after she experienced a serious reaction to a mainstream product, and never looked back.

Now, she educates the beauty-loving public about avoiding toxic ingredients via her website Better Organic Choice, workshops, and soon, as a featured makeup columnist on the Organic Spa Blog.

Here, she shares her tried-and-true makeup faves and current skin-care obsessions:

1. Jao Hand Sanitizer ($10) This is a must have both personally and professionally. The blend of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil sanitize without making my hands dry.

No Miss Vegan Eye Shadow

2.Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Foundation ($34) This foundation is like the skin you always wanted your skin to be. It gives amazing coverage with its stellar ingredients that are 70 percent organic.

3. No Miss All Natural Vegan Eye Shadows ($8.75) I call these shadows the non-toxic MAC pigment equivalent because of the color concentration. There’s a shade that complements every woman’s hue as well as her mood.

Medicine Mama Propolis and Honey All in One Lip and Face Balm

4. Medicine Mama’s Products ($12.95–$29.95) I love ALL of their products. My favorite is the Magic Bee Wand All In One Lip and Face Balm ($12.95) with propolis and honey. It has five ingredients and has no smell, which is great for my clients who are sensitive to scents.

5. My Daughter’s Face (priceless) I find her completely flawless and a reflection of a true beauty. At 15 she doesn’t place beauty in a box that’s only achievable to some. She finds a beautiful quality in everyone and accepts her own unique beauty. —Jamie McKillop

Visit or follow Karim at

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