My Five Beauty Obsessions: Kiran Rai

Designer Kiran Rai shares her favorite beauty products that allow her to go makeup free.

Kiran RaiKiran Rai must be doing something right.

Within six years of launching her clothing and accessory line, Sir Alistair Rai, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and other Hollywood A-listers have all been spotted wearing her chic signature scarves and designs.

Running her company isn’t the only thing Rai hits out of the park. Her glowing complexion lets this spiritual yoga lover go makeup free day in and day out.

We had to ask Rai about the beauty products that keep her skin looking so healthy (without any help from concealer).

1. Eminence Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel ($41) I love this product because it plumps up the skin, almost like a natural Restylane. It gives a glow because it’s also a mild exfoliant. I use this if I’ve returned from a long vacation to rejuvenate my skin.

2. Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix and Clear Mascara ($23) I like this because I can use it on my eyebrow and eyelashes. You can still use a curler after applying, which is a plus for me. Quick and easy makeup!

Eminence Herbal Recovery Oil 3. Amala Purifying Blemish Treatment ($36) If I have small breakouts, I put this on immediately. I love this because the tea tree oil and lemon smells amazing. It’s clear, so you can feel comfortable wearing it out. And the blemish disappears almost instantly.

4. Eminence Herbal Recovery Oil ($76) This is my staple. After washing my face when it’s still damp, I massage four drops onto my face and neck. It’s my “liquid gold.” I don’t wear makeup, so this oil is basically my makeup regimen. Another plus: it helps reduce fine lines. I use this as my foundation and moisturizer.

Anokha Amla Skin Brightening Lotion 5. Anokha Amla Skin Brightening Lotion ($65) I use this twice a day over Eminence Recovery Oil to brighten my skin and even out my skin tone. The developer is a plastic surgeon and her line is an all-organic, homeopathic skin regimen created from ingredients native to India.

Beauty Bonus! Intelligent Nutrients Harmonically Made 100% Pure Sambac Jasmine Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir ($80) I love this because it’s literally from Mother Earth, which makes it expensive, but the product lasts forever. The developer [Horst Rechelbacher, who founded and sold Aveda] has a farm in Minnesota where he hand-makes the entire line. I call it farm-to-skin. I apply this after the shower. The jasmine scent reminds me of India. What my “liquid gold” does to the face, this does to the body!

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