My Five Beauty Obsessions: Kristin Kenney

She may rock a seriously sweaty spin class, but Kristin Kenney is also a gal who loves a bit of glamour.

spin instructor Kristin KenneyShe may rock a seriously sweaty spin class, but Kristin Kenney is also a gal who loves a bit of glamour.

The Revolve master instructor, serious road cyclist and creator of High Gear wears her nails glossy—but keeps the length short and practical.

And she’s found stay-put makeup that lasts through three of her back-to-back classes. (No, it’s not all-natural—that doesn’t exist yet.)

Here are Kenney’s five fave products of the moment:

1. Melanie’s Premium 50/50 Butter ($6) Melanie has been hand-making soaps and lotions for years and selling them locally. During my 2nd pregnancy, she created this pure cocoa butter/shea butter balm to prevent stretch marks and hydrate after my twice daily shower habit. Two kids, no stretch marks—I’ll take it. I also use her lotions on my kids: they’re chemical and preservative-free. Good stuff.

Deborah Lippman2. Lippman Collection Nail Polish in Stormy Weather ($16) I like to keep my tips uber-short and glossy, so I’ve sported Deborah Lippman’s one-of-a-kind colors for years. Deborah is a rock-star entrepreneur, someone I deeply respect and she’s also my student. Luckily, I can wear great polish colors in my line of work. I also love Sweet Dreams, one of her 3D Holographic Nail Lacquers.

3. Dr. Jart+  Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm ($36) I pride myself on being an athlete and a glamour-mom. My first class or client of the day is usually at 6:30 a.m., so I love a multi-functional cream to get out the door pretty. This one mattifies and evens out my skin tone, but still lets you glow.

4. Makeup Forever HD Cream Blush ($25.50) Less than one teensy pump of this applied to the apples of the cheeks stays on after three sweaty cycling classes in a row. I also use it on my lips!

5. California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash ($24.50). This is a no-brainer. I shower multiple times a day and this giant bottle of bodywash is paraben- and preservative-free, it smells delicious, and everyone in my house uses it.

BEAUTY BONUS: CVS Epsom Salts ($5.99) I buy these salts by the pound, and add several cups to the bath. Soaking in Epsom salts relieves muscle soreness and is a huge part of my recovery from long outdoor road rides or tough total body workouts.

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