My Five Beauty Obsessions: Louise Dartford

Acclaimed British makeup artist Louise Dartford shares what products she uses on herself when she's done making over the models.
Louise Dartford is rarely the one in front of the camera—but you wouldn't guess it from this photo. (Photo: Mike Blackett)
Louise Dartford is rarely the one in front of the camera—but you wouldn’t know it from this shot. (Photo: Mike Blackett)

Louise Dartford swears she’s going to start wearing red lipstick, but it hasn’t happened yet. The professional natural makeup artist, whose beauty resume includes publications like Elle and British Vogue, is just too busy worrying about other people’s looks—and piquing their interest in cleaner, greener products.

“I remember trying some natural moisturizer a few years ago. The texture wasn’t great, but it got me thinking,” says the Brit, who has also worked with the likes of Burberry and Net-a-Porter. “The more I delved into natural beauty, the more I realized the potential, and also started to see the dark side of conventional beauty.”

Now that natural’s gone from granola to glam, Dartford’s clients have also begun to see the light. “[They’re] really interested to see natural products in my kit,” she says. “Those who don’t know about them always seem keen to know more.”

Here are the must-haves that Dartford uses on models and celebs, and on herself. No red lipstick yet, but she’s getting there. “I need to take some of my own advice!” she says. —Jamie McKillopRms power

1. RMS Beauty Unpowder ($34) This is so fine, it just disappears into the skin. It eliminates shine, but still leaves skin glowing, which is the kind of finish I love to create.

2. W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-Use Colorstick in Creamy Dusty Rose ($35) These are gorgeous for natural flushes of color on the cheeks—numbers eight and five (those are shades) are always in my kit. You can use them on the eyes and lips, too—wherever takes your fancy.

3. Couleur Caramel Eyeshadow ($15.25) I love these pressed powders. The color selection is great and there’s a good choice of matte and shimmer textures.Vapour Foundation

4. Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation ($40) I use this foundation to help create glowing, fresh skin. I’ll also mix it in with other formulations to brighten them up.

5. The Organic Pharmacy Rose Balm ($50) Organic Pharamcy Rose Balm A good nourishing balm is essential in my kit, and this is my current favorite. I use it to moisturize anywhere that needs a little help. I also put it on cheeks and eyes for a lovely sheen.

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