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Mathilde Thomas

French beauty Mathilde Thomas created a skin-care empire that began with the humble grape. While her family ran a winery in Bordeaux, Thomas learned of the antioxidant benefits in grapeseeds and skins, and she worked with a local chemist on tapping their potent resveratrol for use in skin-care products.

With Caudalie, she pioneered the concept of vinotherapy (using the benefits of grape extracts in beauty products and spa treatments), patented several extracts, and created a beauty brand that’s sold around the world and used in Caudalie Vinotherapie Spas, whose locations include Bordeaux, Istanbul, and The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Now living in New York City with husband Bertrand and her children, Thomas has opened two Caudalie boutiques, and, just this month, she launched Caudalie’s newest beauty products, Divine Legs, which just so happens to be ranked among Thomas’s favorite beauty products. Here’s what else made the cut:

Laduree candle

1. NARS Orgasm Blush ($29) This blush is so great because it is the perfect shade of pink and gives skin a really natural glow.

2. Laduree Candle in Caramel with Salted Butter ($52, call 646-558-3157) I love to burn this candle when I don’t want to actually eat a Laduree macaron, but I still want to satisfy a sweet craving.

Perfume gun3. Phyto Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment ($38) This hair oil is all natural and really stimulates the circulation of your scalp, which is key. And I feel like my hair grows in healthier when I use it.

4. Le Labo Santal 33 ($211) I love the brand as a whole–the philosophy, the founders–but Santal is my favorite fragrance of theirs. You can smell the high quality of the raw ingredients used. It’s just exquisite.

5. Frederic Malle Cafe Society Perfume Gun ($150) I love this because it’s the same quality of a perfume you would wear on your body but it’s for your home. It’s super decadent.

Caudalie Divine LegsBeauty Bonus! Divine Legs ($48) This is perfect for that transitional time leading up to summer. Thanks to the chicory extract in the formula, it gives a really natural tint to the skin. We opened a boutique in Brazil in the middle of winter, so this product was a lifesaver then! —Amy Eley and Melisse Gelula

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