My Five Beauty Obsessions: Purva Bedi

The New York actor and producer, who starred in Kumare this summer, tells us her inspiration for going natural and shares her beauty faves.

Purva Bedi As an actor and producer, Purva Bedi is used to reading scripts. She’s also become dedicated to reading the ingredient lists on her skin-care products.

The New York beauty, who starred in Kumare this summer,  is best known for her leading role in the cult classic, American Desi, and just completed producing and acting in Daadi, a film starring her 87-year-old grandmother who’s a former Bollywood actress.

Her granny and her Indian culture have been influential to her beauty preferences: “Ayurveda and natural beauty products I’d find on trips to India offered great alternative ways to care for my skin,” she says. “But a catalyst for me to clean up my skin-care act was Well+Good (aw shucks!) and getting pregnant,” she says.

Given that Bedi’s skin is so often in the spotlight, we asked her what natural products she reaches for to keep camera-ready. Here’s what she’s obsessed with right now:

1. Organic Coconut Oil ($7.70)
Talk about multipurpose! My first exposure to this elixir was as a kid, visiting my cousins in India where we would give each other weekly head massages. Years later on the set of Kumare, all the cast and crew lived in the same house and our live-in vegan chef, Theresa, reintroduced me to it for cooking, lips, eye cream, body and there was no turning back! When I learned I was pregnant, I avoided stretch marks by slathering myself post-shower with it.

Jane Iredale eyeliner in gold

2.  Jane Iredale Eyeliners
These eyeliners are made with amazing ingredients and never cause my sensitive contact-lens wearing eyes any irritation. My favorites are in Basic Black ($13) and Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil ($20). The gold is just perfect for adding a quick little sparkle and glam to a red carpet or night out.

3. Nine Naturals Soothing Body Wash in Citrus & Geranium ($18)
I discovered this product line while I was pregnant at an event for Healthy Child Healthy World and fell in love with it. The body wash is made with great stuff and smells so heavenly I can’t get enough of it in the shower and for shaving. I figure, if it was good enough for me prego, it’s certainly good enough for me now!

Dr. Hauschka Day Oil

4. Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Facial Oil ($41.90)
I love this light facial oil. And this is from a girl who always had oily and acne-prone skin. I never thought I’d consider putting oil on my face, but it actually is soothing, has just the right amount of moisture, and does not break me out.

5. Primavera Rose Water ($20.95)
I just made a film with my 87-year-old grandmother, and she told me about how her mother-in-law would bathe with rose water every day, and then how my grandmother used only rose water her entire life (and for 87, she looks pretty awesome!). So I use rose water in a spritz bottle as a toner before I moisturize. I love the fresh smell and knowing that it’s been used in my family for four generations.

BEAUTY BONUS: Clarisonic Mia in Fuscia ($119) I just got this last week and am mildly obsessed. I’ve always believed exfoliation is so important and this little contraption allows me to play around and try different cleansers. Right now I’m alternating REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel ($33.95) and plain old Dr. Bronners Peppermint (2.99 and up) depending on my mood. I know I’m getting super clean, removing all the makeup, and getting a lux mini-facial. —Melisse Gelula

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