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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Sarah Gibson Tuttle

The owner of LA's hot natural nail salon, Olive & June, dishes on how to make your manicure last—and stay moisturized all day long.
Sarah Gibson Tuttle_Olive and June
Sarah Gibson Tuttle at her Beverly Hills salon, Olive & June. (Photo: Sarah Gibson Tuttle)

When Wall Streeter Sarah Gibson Tuttle wasn’t falling in love with a single nail salon in LA, she decided to do something about it. She’s now the owner of Los Angeles’ popular nail salon, Olive & June.

“When I was working in New York City and coming out to LA for interviews, I would ask people ‘Where’s the DryBar equivalent for nails?’ I felt all of the suggestions I was given, weren’t the experiences I was looking for. A light bulb went off in my head,” says Gibson Tuttle.

Her natural nail hotspot (named after her great grandmother and grandmother) has become a celeb and natural-beauty maven fave. She only carries three- and five-free polishes by brands like RGB and Kure, and doesn’t dare offer acrylics. “They’re really bad for clients and worse for the manicurists,” she explains.

And Gibson Tuttle’s own beauty routine has evolved to be even more natural, too. “I’ve become much more aware of what I use,” says Gibson Tuttle, whose beauty routine leans to luxe lines, like Tata Harper and Ilia.

And along the way she’s learned some awesome tips for keeping your manicure looking great (well past the day you got your nails done) and staying moisturized all day long. —Molly Gallagher

tata-harper-revitalizing-body-oil-p-011.Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil ($90) I use this every day. It smells insanely good. It’s very nourishing. It’s the best fragrance and it soaks in to my skin. You kind of know it’s there all day, which is a good feeling.

2. Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure ($24) The thing about cuticle treatments that people don’t know is that they have properties that nourish in a way hand lotion doesn’t. This one is amazing for promoting natural nail growth, and is also best way to make your manicure look good longer. I keep it in my bag and apply it two times a day.

ilia-beauty-lip-glosses-peek-a-boo-p3. Ilia Lip Gloss in Peek A Boo ($24) Anyone who doesn’t own this lip gloss should go and get it. It’s almost a nude color. It goes on so smooth—not sticky—and it’s a great natural formula. When I first tried it, I called them immediately and said I need this in the salon.

4. Drybar Triple Sec ($39.50) This is like a dry shampoo and a volumizer all in one. I put it right at the roots of my hair and it instantly volumizes. I have thin, fine hair and this keeps it looking healthy and full.

Restorsea-repairing-hand-treatment5. Restorsea Repairing Hand Treatment ($85) This is a great hand lotion, even though it is pricey. It’s an indulgence, but it’s so nourishing. I know this because I typically need to put hand cream on once a day. But with this hand cream you don’t have to put it on that often. I think it’s out of this world.

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