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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Josh Culnane

(Photo: The Organic Project)
(Photo: The Organic Project)
(Photo: The Organic Project)

Josh Culnane was your average project manager in Sydney, Australia, until his love of surfing and fitness eventually inspired him to make wellness a full-time thing.

“I began researching all of the incredible organic and natural skin-care products around Australia,” the 28-year-old says. “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was an online business to show Australians, and the rest of the world, the wonderful products we have to offer?'”

To do that, Culnane launched The Organic Project—a curated online marketplace of exclusively Australian organic and natural men’s and women’s beauty products—with co-founder Matt Mitchener in September 2014.

“It took us a long time to curate the brands,” Culnane says. “There was a ton of market research involved, and traveling, testing, and trying the brands. We wanted to go and meet the founders, see the facility, and be sure it all passed our criteria.”

To extend the wellness vibes, The Organic Project also gives a percentage of profits to Opportunity International Australia, a non-profit organization that provides small loans to families in developing countries to help them break the poverty cycle.

Here, Culnane shares five products he found on his natural skin-care journey that he now can’t live without. Maybe grab one for your beau for a certain upcoming February holiday? —Jamie McKillop

merchants-of-menace-10ml_1024x10241. Aromantik Merchants of Venice Natural Perfume ($85) I wear this scent out, and almost everyone, guys and girls, ask me what it is. It’s one of our best sellers. It’s one of the most unique scents I’ve ever smelled—there’s a certain muskiness to it. In comes in a beautiful tin, and the glass vile is actually blue glass from Amsterdam, which helps protect the scent.

2. Fig+Yarrow Organic Cardamom and Coffee Body Scrub ($22) This one leaves me feeling super fresh. Everyone needs to exfoliate to cleanse and detox the skin. It’s not only about detoxing on the inside, but detoxing the skin from the outside as well. It’s not an everyday thing, but it’s certainly a weekly ritual.

21bsvbz2smL3. Triumph and Disaster Gameface Moisturizer Jar ($54) I always carry this moisturizer around with me. It’s light and fresh, and I must admit I love Triumph Motorcycles, so I probably also buy it because of the name. It’s a New Zealand men’s brand that’s particularly cult and cool. The moisturizer has got the right balance, and it looks seriously good in the bathroom.

4. The Little Alchemist Cleansing Milk ($38) This cleansing milk always leaves me feeling super fresh and smooth. I use it as a cleanser in the shower. I’m a very visual person, and I connect with this brand. I love the packaging, and it’s the best cleansing milk for my skin.

webBPC_Mojave_grande5. Juniper Ridge Mojave Backpacker’s Cologne ($55) This is a brand inspired by America’s rugged wilderness. I’ve spent time up in Yellowstone, and this scent really captures the essence of that. You get the rustic feel of the mountains. It’s like the mountains in a bottle, a very nostalgic scent.

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