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Amanda Freeman SLT
Amanda Freeman, founder of SLT (Photo: Evan Gunville)


Amanda Freeman has turned scores of Manhattan women into Megaformer addicts. By bringing the tricked-out Pilates workout to the East Coast, Freeman introduced New Yorkers to ab-taxing pikes on a moving carriage and sliding lunges with weights. And they’ve become hooked on the Los Angeles-born method, proudly whining about their sore muscles and barely blinking an eye at the $40 price tag.

It’s been two years since Freeman opened SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone), and she’s grown it to five locations in the tristate area, including the Hamptons and two swish suburbs. Whether Freeman’s looking at spaces for her next location, test-driving a new trainer’s class, or teaching one herself, Freeman’s in fitness clothes a lot.

“I’ve mastered the art of wearing them everywhere,” the petite New Yorker jokes, who slips on Rag & Bone boots and cute jackets along with her street-worthy leggings. Here are some of Freeman’s fall faves that you might just see her rocking:

Junk Food Grateful Dead Tshirt1. Junk Food Rock T-shirts ($33) Since opening a studio in my hometown of Short Hills, New Jersey, I’ve rediscovered my favorite childhood store, Gotham City. While I’m likely three times the age of their average consumer, I’m digging their selection of rock-inspired t-shirts. In particular, I like Junk Food’s Pink Floyd, Kiss, and Grateful Dead designs. For some reason, as I get older, my workout gear gets younger.

2. 15Love Sports Bra ($48) I am in love—pun intended!—with 15love’s sports bras. They help to create the perfect amount of cleavage and are super flattering. I wouldn’t go running in them, but they offer the right amount of support for working out on the Megaformer or in yoga class. The switch-fit straps add a little flash to my look whether I’ve opted for the silver or the cheetah pattern.Onzie skull capri pants

 3. Onzie Skull Capri Pants ($56) My fitness wardrobe is full of black and grey pants, so I’m currently on a quest for fun, but flattering patterned ones. Onzie’s skull pattern capri pants are my current obsession. Paired with a simple white or black top, it’s the perfect antidote to my many plain pants.

4. Aviator Nation Hoodies ($165) I’m one of those New Yorkers who has a love affair with Los Angeles. I found the Megaformer and my yoga inspiration there. The weather, the water, the mountains, the workout culture, and the healthy eateries are so my speed. Whenever I throw on an Aviator Nation hoodie, I am reminded of all those elements of California beach life. The bright colors and soft fabrics are distinctively surf-inspired.ToeSox grip

5. ToeSox “Bella” Ankle Socks ($16) SLT is a no-shoe zone. We recommend that clients workout in grippy socks for safety and sanitary reasons. My favorite grip socks are ToeSox’s ballet-inspired Bella socks. The half-toe style is totally adorable, especially in grey, which is the signature color of SLT. —Melisse Gelula

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