My Studio Style: Audrey Slater

At work or a workout, Redbook's fashion director doesn't like to repeat her outfit. But that doesn't mean she's spendy. Check out Slater's practical picks.
My fitness wardrobe cannot take away from my actual fitness budget, says Redbook’s fashion editor Audrey Slater. (Photo: Hearst)

Audrey Slater is Redbook Magazine’s fashion editor. But if she wasn’t, she’d be a fitness instructor (“ideally at Physique 57”), says the fit, 46-year-old New Yorker in all seriousness.

“I try to work out about four to six times a week, depending on my work schedule and how magnanimous my husband is feeling, since we’re parents,” she says.

Of course, in addition to wanting to know where Slater loves to work out (Physique 57, SoulCycle, and with a handful of the dance cardio divas like Mahri Relin, Anna Kaiser, and Simone de la Rue), we really had to know what a fashion director wears to workout. (And is her fitness fashion closet organized by a system we’ve not yet seen, like by designer or color palette?)

It turns out, that Slater prides herself in never having repeated the same outfit to work. And for exercise, it’s also something she makes a point of. “Feeling that you look great is going to impact your workout—I’m completely serious. I’m into a high-low mix, but I because I work out so much, I like to know that when I literally wear something out, it’s not going to cost $100 to replace. I love that there are now flattering pieces and cute prints that look more like fashion, which we all expect to lay out a little more cash for. But my fitness wardrobe cannot take away from my actual fitness budget.”

So, in surprising twist of practicality, Slater’s own gym bag contains of mostly affordable workout staples. Here’s what the fashion and fitness connoisseur’s putting on to sweat in: Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.29.05 PM

1. C9 by Champion Women’s Compression Capris ($19.99)
I spin once or twice a week at SoulCycle. I’m a stickler about my pants: they need to be virtually seamless and light as air because it’s hot in that studio! Trial and chafing have lead me to the best, these second skin capris by C9 at Target. I’m a fan of the fit and I’ll totally wear the pink and purple color in addition to the basic black.

2. SoulCycle Fleece Sweatshirt with Skull ($76)
Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.28.00 PM On top, I wear a C9 bra and plain tank, but I layer on a sweatshirt or a long sleeve tee from SoulCycle’s collection like this one before or after class. Most studio-branded clothes are dorky, but Soul does a great job of making you feel a little bit bad ass in theirs. When they first launched their line (back when there were only two studios), we featured it right away in Redbook because it was so original and cool. It’s still definitely the coolest.

3. C9 by Champion Seamless Cami Bra ($16.99)
Physique 57 is my other weekly workout habit and for that, I stick to the same plain tank on top and my essential C9 bra. It’s delicate looking but has exactly the right amount of support.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 11.05.26 PM 4. Athleta Plie Tight ($79)
I like to wear full coverage, dense tights to Physique and my new favorite is this one from Athleta. I’m obsessed with how the leg pulls down over the foot and makes you look really long and lean, which is the goal at Physique anyway!

5. Blake Brody “Olivia” In-Studio Shoes ($115)
My other Physique must-have is a pair of Blake Brody’s slippers. They’re a total upgrade on grippy socks in terms of eliminating slippage, and you feel as pro as the instructors when you have them on. They’re also just plain pretty! Tanya [Becker, co-founder of Physique 57] was wearing them, I tried them, and have never taken them off in class since.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 11.02.00 PM 6. New Balance W750v2 Sneakers ($59.99) A couple times a week I do dance cardio, body sculpting, or trampoline cardio at Body By Simone. You need a true sneaker for those classes and my hands-down favorite is this one from New Balance. Big clunky white kicks for me are just the worst, and these are the total opposite. No white in sight! And they’re ultra comfortable and ultra lightweight. —Melisse Gelula

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