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My Studio Style: Elizabeth Nable

The Sydney barre maven multitasks her fitness fashion wardrobe as chic streetwear (the print shorts! the pipeline leggings!)—and as maternity wear.
(Photo: Xtend Barre)
(Photo: Xtend Barre Mosman)

Elizabeth Nable, owner of Xtend Barre Mosman in Sydney—and soon-to-be owner of nearby Xtend Barre Manly—is due for her third child on September 12. But that definitely doesn’t stop her from working out, or wearing the cute activewear pieces in her closet.

“The beauty is that workout leggings are so comfortable,” 36-year-old Nable says. “You can always roll them down with a loose tank on top. To be honest, I’m ready to have the baby, so I can wear a pair of jeans.”

Another factor in the witty Aussie’s wardrobe is that it’s warm most of the year Down Under, which means that she reaches for pieces that will keep her cool…including wool?

Vie Active uses a Merino wool blend in their tanks, which sounds crazy,” Nable says. “But you can actually wear it all year-round.” Plus, she likes to support indie fitness fashion lines, especially those from her hometown. (Vie Active is also based in Sydney.)

Here’s what she’s wearing to work out (and work) in now—until the baby comes and she can pull out those jeans again. —Jamie McKillop

Vie Active1.  Vie Active Best Friend Merino Tank ($95) You would never in a million years think Merino wool would make sense to work out in, but this material is amazing. It feels like a fine version of wool, not like a knitted sweater. It’s even breathable—it pulls the sweat away, rather then having it stick, and it air dries so quickly.

2. Vie Active Rockell Compression Tights in Black Leopard ($140) If you love the leopard but you’re not that brave, the black leopard are my go-to workout tights—and you could totally take them day to night and no one would look twice, they’re that good. I tried to get more a few weeks back and they were sold out. They hold you in while you’re working out. These are thicker and more tightly woven, so they don’t show every lump.

Onzie Hot Yoga3. Onzie High Waisted Shorts in Fuchsia Snake ($44) We are huge fans of Onzie at the studio because their prints are up there with the best, but their prices are very reasonable so you can afford to buy some new things every few months. In summer, they’re a better option than long heavy tights, and flattering on most figures. They come in a cool range of colors that make you excited to get out there for a good workout.

4. Good Hyouman Paige Tee in Silver ($40) Xtend Barre recently teamed up with Good Hyouman. They’re relatively new out of California. It’s a wholesome product that’s really inexpensive and very on-trend. It’s more for post-workout wear. You can throw it on top and go grab a juice or coffee.

Michi5. Michi Pipeline Legging ($165) The design makes for great natural air conditioning in summer. They’re kind of a twist on classic black. You’re exposed a tiny bit down the side, but not so much that it’s scary revealing. It’s quite cooling. I didn’t think of all that when I put them on, I just thought they were cute!

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