My Studio Style: Joselynne Boschen

(Photo: Nike)
(Photo: Nike)
(Photo: Nike)

As far as fitness trainers go, Joselynne Boschen is pretty much living the dream.

Four years ago, she was training young college women and celebrities out of her guest house, when Nike noticed how popular she was and picked her to become one of the first Nike Training Club master instructors (a title that applies to only 13 other trainers, like Traci Copeland).

And that’s not all. The company also built Boschen her very own group workout and personal training gym, Alpha Venice, near Venice Beach, so she could expand her reach.

“When I started training celebrities, young girls could no longer afford me,” Boschen says. “It was such a blessing when Nike built the facility so I could host group classes there, because I’ve always felt strongly about being that person for young women. The gym to this day is based on building confidence and teaching people how to make healthier life choices.”

To do that, Alpha Venice offers everything from yoga and barre to kettlebell and TRX group classes, and Boschen is bringing the concept to the East Coast next year, where she’ll open Alpha Sport East in Towaco, in northern New Jersey (near her hometown). There, she’s also including a juice bar and cafe with that will sell her Alpha Sweets gluten-free baked goods and grab-and-go meals from Paleta, a popular Los Angeles-based healthy meal delivery service.

So what does she wear to look great while getting all of this done? We got her style picks—from Nike and beyond, below. —Jamie McKillopToms Tank

1. Toms Grey Stamp Tank ($24) I train Blake and Heather, the duo who own Toms, and I like to keep it in the family, so I love wearing their stuff. This tank is an all around great piece. I’m also going to use Toms branded coffee at the new East Coast location.

2. Vaalbara Fur Fold Clutch with Black Leather ($168) I know the girl who founded this company, because I used to work out at Gold’s Gym with her. They’re manufactured in Los Angeles, and perfect to throw in your gym bag. And then, if I’m going out after a workout, I just take it along and toss my wallet, phone, and lip gloss in.

Nike_snakeskin_print_leggings 3. Nike Epic Lux Snakeskin Print Running Tights ($125) I love the pattern and the versatility of these. They’re one of my new favorites. I wear them to train, and then I can put a sweater on over and go to lunch after. They suck you in, but they’re wicking and lightweight enough to work out in.

4. Nike Tech Fleece Cocoon ($250) This piece is lightweight, but warm, and covers your butt when you’re having one of those days. It has a huge hood, too, so it’s really warm and snug.

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