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My Studio Style: Kara Griffin

Don’t let this fitness instructor’s smiley disposition fool you.

Kara Griffin is a serious shark in The Bari Studio, where she whips her New York clients into shape with fun, upbeat dance cardio classes (plus some resistance bands that dangle from the ceiling, ab-attacking sliding discs, and calf-toning trampolines).

So what does the master body-sculptor wear during a day of butt-busting workouts? These are the four fitness-fashion pieces Griffin can’t live without.Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.46.08 PM

1. Brooks Socks ($15) These are the secret star items of my workouts. Everyone always talks about how important it is to have good sneakers, and, while I agree, I also think that great socks are key. These contour to my foot and are the perfect balance of soft and down-to-business sweat wicking.

2. Bari Accent Flow Tank ($38) and Lululemon Crops Pant ($78) They’ve been my workout uniform. I’ve also paired this breezy, super soft tank with cute jean shorts and white pants.

3. UP Band ($130) Jawbone Up BandI use it to track my steps, my workouts, and my sleep, so it’s become an everyday staple. I use the UP app to connect with clients and friends, too. Everyone’s excited for each other when movement goals are crushed or you get a really great night’s sleep. It’s a great source of support and motivation.

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