My Studio Style: Katherine Greiner

The dance cardio diva and founder of KGBody shares what she wears to look good and feel good during a workout.

KGBody dance cardio The statuesque and impossibly toned Katherine Greiner is the founder of KGBody, a popular dance cardio workout offered at SLT in New York (where she also teaches Megaformer classes).

Greiner began her dance cardio career as one of the original instructors at Tracy Anderson Method, and the NASM-certified personal trainer has also taught at Barry’s Bootcamp in the past.

The brunette beauty is just as serious about her workout wardrobe as she is about training her clients. And for good reason:

“In the gym, it is your job to get down to business and work on that ‘treat your body like a temple’ thing,” she says. “That includes dressing the part and looking your best. No more working out in ripped old t-shirts that you ‘borrowed’ from your boyfriend. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you work harder.”

Here’s what Greiner wears to look good and feel good during a workout:

1. Dannijo Lindsay Bracelet ($71), Dezi Bracelet ($480), and Jacinda Ring ($95) My clients Danielle and Jodie, the creators of Dannijo, overheard me lamenting how impossible it is to find amazingly stylish jewelry that’s still workout friendly, and they offered to take time out of their crazy schedules to personally help me build my own “gym party” (a play on the term “arm party,” meaning a stack of various bracelets worn on the same wrist). I’m a huge believer in the importance of feeling beautiful during a workout. Who doesn’t have a better workout when they feel good about themselves?

Dannijo Dezi bracelet

2. Nike Fuelband ($190) I love keeping track of my daily activity level, and while there are several options on the market, I am partial to the Nike Fuelband. The fuel points are an easy way to track your progress, and the design of the band itself is simple and clean, not bulky, and yet still very durable.

3. Michi Antigravity Bra ($85) It can be surprisingly difficult to find stylish sports bras that also provide adequate support for higher impact activities. All of the bras that Michelle Watson, the founder of Michi, created for her line provide a high level of support. However, if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Antigravity Bra. It looks great with almost any top. In cooler weather, I pair it under a long-sleeved V-neck or off-the-shoulder sweater. In warmer months, it’s great paired with a sheer or open back tank (like the Devon Scoop Back Tank from Splits59).

Michi Antigravity Bra
Michi Antigravity Bra

4. Lolë Women Pinnacle Tank Top ($27) For those times when I’m not sweating it out in a cardio class, you can find me working on my dancer’s pose in yoga class. That’s when I’ll wear this top, which has the perfect blend of super soft organic cotton with just enough elasticity to hug your body during inversions. I also like the longer length. It doesn’t ride up during down dog, and it’s great for layering to and from class.

5. Splits59 Betsy K. Funnel Hood Pullover ($118) The Betsy K. pullover is a must have. The design and cut of the jacket are such that anyone who wears it looks stunning. You can wear it over multiple seasons. It can stand up on its own for cool spring mornings and evenings and light enough to layer under winter coats during colder months. —Jamie McKillop

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Photo: Evan Taylor Gunville

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