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What to wear to work or to workout? The co-founder of boutique-fitness-booking site Fitist tells us how they're one and the same. Here are her versatile picks.

Neda FitistNeda Talebian Funk is half of the power-team behind Fitist, a website that allows makes it possible to buy and book class packages and workouts across boutique studios in New York City and Los Angeles.

Which is to say, in addition to having access to amazing workouts with top-tier trainers from coast to coast, another perk of Funk’s job is the luxury of wearing workout clothes to work every day, she half jokes.

“As fitness and fashion have collided over the last few years, I can now officially wear workout clothes for everything from a meeting, to playing with my kids at the playground, or a lunch with my husband,” the fit New Yorker says.

But don’t assume that means parading around in a uniform of black Spandex everyday. “I typically like to wear bright colors and fun patterns,” she says. Here’s what the boutique-fitness-booking guru is crushing on now… —Jamie McKillopimg-1 

1. Michi Rigical Legging ($225) When you want to take your look from the fitness studio onto dinner, these stylish leggings are great for pairing with a sweater and booties.

2. Lululemon Run Swifty Tech 1/2 Zip ($88) Another great must-have for outdoor runs is this top. It’s warm, yet not bulky, so just what you need over a tank, tee, or light long-sleeve layer for your colder weather runs.

3. Nike Shield Flash Women’s Running Jacket ($350) img-2Nike has stepped it up this season with its new line on all levels—quality, style, and also unfortunately price! I am loving this jacket right now.

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Performance Tights ($100) With the cold weather, I now have to shift over to long leggings for my outdoor runs. I am loving Stella McCartney’s run leggings. They come in great colors, are really functional, and have a good fit.

5. Brooks PureCadence2 Women’s Running Shoe ($54) Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 3.39.02 PMI’ve been running in Asics for many years, but I recently started doing shorter runs, speed work, and cross training in the Brooks PureCadence. They are light weight and also happen to look better than the clunky running sneakers I use for my longer runs.

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