My Studio Style: Sadie Kurzban

Sadie Kurzban Sadie Kurzban did not learn how to dance at a ballet barre. Rather, this 23-year-old dance cardio diva her earned her title in the clubs of Miami—then at Brown University where co-eds flocked to her fitness classes.

Now the founder of 305 Fitness teaches the addictive moves from her dance-club days in a sweat-inducing workout in New York. Along with lots of heat and funk, live DJ and strobe lights are still there, too.

Given that her workout was born on the club scene and not in the fitness club, Kurzban never really loaded her closet with the mostly black-and-Spandex fitness fashion looks favored by most instructors and gym-goers.

“I often wear clothes that remind me of the streets of Miami,” Kurzban says. “Bikini tops over sports bras, cut-off jean shorts, slashed boyfriend tees…”

And the cutie isn’t kidding. Keep reading for Kurzban’s fun and flirty workout wear fave that you might only see in her class. Or on your next night out in Miami. —Jamie McKillop

1. LF Carmar cut-0ff denim shorts (at LF stores; for a similar pair, try these) I know these are not your typical workout gear! But I feel like I’m in Miami again when I’m in these bad boys. 305 Fitness involves a lot of jumping, squatting, and explosive leg moves. I feel powerful watching my strong legs as they propel me off the ground. Plus, classes get hot, so it’s nice to not feel confined in leggings.

BDG 2. BDG Frankie Boyfriend Flannel Shirt ($39) Dancer’s tip! I learned this trick from other 305 instructors, most of whom are professional hip hop dancers and on Broadway. Imagine this: your butt looking its roundest and perkiest as you walk the streets of New York to your next workout. The bopping of a loose wrap-around as you move—baby got back!

3. Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor ($209.99): Normally, I’m not a fan of getting technical. And I don’t like when trainers claim that one method is the key to success. My personal philosophy: the workout that burns the most calories is the workout that you can stick with consistently over time. Well, I’ve found a workout I love and it happens to be a kick-butt regimen. I like to wear this lightweight monitor to class to track my workouts and progress. In a single class, I often hit 185 or 190 BPM. And I’ve seen clients with monitors burning 700, 800, 900 calories in 60 minutes. That’s no joke!

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 4.12.24 PM 4. Splits59 Power Support Bra ($52) This must-have claims to defy gravity and I’m glad it does! With so many high-impact moves in class, I need all the support I can get. Plus, it’s quite absorbent and lightweight, so even when I am drenched in sweat, I still feel fresh.

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 ($115) I can’t stress this enough. People, get new sneakers! If you’re doing high-impact cardio, new kicks are a must to protect joints. These running trainers provide excellent support for all of the high intensity moves we have in class. They’re running shoes made for endurance—and marathon training!

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