My Studio Style: Sophia Chang

(Photo: Sophia Chang)
(Photo: Sophia Chang)
(Photo: Sophia Chang)

Sophia Chang is one of those women who’s just plain cool.

The 25-year-old Queens native studied illustration at the Parsons The New School for Design, and has since worked with everyone from Anthony Bourdain to the NBA. Most recently, she collaborated on a Brooklyn-inspired streetwear collection for Puma, which isn’t a surprise if you’re privy to her ultra urban-athletic sense of style, which goes way beyond workout clothes.

“Growing up in Queens has been a huge influence on my style,” Chang says, who’s also a little famous for wearing her hair in a cute bun. “But in the past few years, health has been a big inspiration to me as well.”

Chang is a regular at S10 Training and also does Nike Training Club and aerial silk workouts. When she’s not getting sweaty, she integrates sportswear into most of her looks by mixing wardrobe staples with athletic pieces, like a blazer with workout leggings and dressy shoes.

“Athletic wear has definitely moved more into the mainstream market,” the stylish social media star says. “Everyone’s making something with mesh, hiding seams, doing neoprene… It’s an interesting time. Sportswear doesn’t look crazy as everyday wear anymore.”

See what Chang’s wearing for workout time—and all of the time—below. —Jamie McKillop

1. First Base Open Mesh Tee in Black ($109) This is one of my favorite pieces this season. You can wear it with a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath or just a sports bra.

2. Without Walls Engineered Legging ($59) These are leggings that will turn heads. They have such a cool color palate. It’s one of those statement pieces where people stop and look at you. (Get ready to get good with that.)

3. Summer Bummer Sports Bra ($46) Summer Bummer is one of my favorite brands. I love the way they play with typography and color blocking. They’re mainly a fashion website but they also carry sportswear, and it’s such a fun and cute little name.

4. Hood By Air Thumbprint Tee ($179) Hood By Air is funny because it’s amazing to see how a regular t-shirt brand has elevated themselves. They have such a cool, weird, edgy, scientific approach, and they made such a wave in the fashion market. I love the stark black-and-white look of this, and appreciate the concept of having fun little pieces to wrap around the waist. (This style is also available in black.)

5. Sophia Chang X Puma Trinomic Disc Women’s Wedge Sneakers ($130) It’s such a humbling experience to design a collection for Puma. This black-and-white wedge shoe has all of my favorite fashion details incorporated in it—it’s reflective, and it has neoprene, as well as mesh.

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