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My Studio Style: Tracy Carlinsky

The trendsetting founder of Brooklyn Bodyburn shares her love for fashion-forward tanks, playful leopard prints, and never-take-em-off wedge sneakers.
(Photo: TK)
(Photo: Ali Goldstein)

Tracy Carlinsky’s Megaformer studio, Brooklyn Bodyburn, opened in Williamsburg in February 2013. And it pretty much paved the way for other boutique fitness brands to set up shop in the trendy ‘hood (namely SoulCycle, Y7 Studio, and Torque).

Her reputation as a trendsetter extends to her studio workout wardrobe, too.

While drilling clients on their form and making their muscles quiver with her “take-no-prisoners attitude,” she looks effortlessly stylish, in urban brands like Michi and chic patterned leggings.

“I look for pieces that you can mix and match but have a little edge to them,” she says of her personal fitness fashion philosophy. “You’d be surprised how much time I spend in my Michi, but I also love adding layers—they make it easy to go from the studio to the street without feeling frumpy.”

Here’s what Carlinsky is wearing to plank and pike in right now. —Jamie McKillop

legging_capri_outline_11. Vie Active Tessa 3/4 Length Elite Compression Tights in Black Leopard ($123) I recently discovered this brand, and I’m loving the fit and feel of their pants. My favorite part about this pant is the playful leopard print. I basically treat leopard as a neutral!

2. Vie Active Lori Zippered Sports Bra in Brazilian Butterfly ($84) I love adding a pop of color to my outfit, and I usually try to do it with my sports bra. I wear a lot of oversized tanks and love to throw a fun print or bright color underneath.

AmpBlackTank__bk1_1024x10243. Michi Amp Tank ($89) I love Michi. I think they are the most fashion-forward active brand right now. The cut of their tops are extremely figure flattering and their details are very chic. It’s definitely pricey but it’s always fun to have one or two special tops in your closet. This top is great because it has a fun pop of color but also maintains that sleek sexy look.

4. Beyond Yoga Lattice Legging ($88) Beyond Yoga has always been known for their comfort, but they’re really stepping up their game in terms of their fashion. nike-sky-dunk-sky-hi-olive-khaki-rave-pink-product-1-5861798-799314510_large_flexThis pant is on trend with a subtle peak-a-boo seam.

5. Nike Dunk Ski Hi ($80) You’ll always find me sporting a pair of Nikes in class. I like to wear these when I want to go a little less sporty but also be able to walk around and feel comfortable. I may be 5’8,” but I love adding the extra height.

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