My Studio Style: Vanessa Martin

"If I feel I look good, I can do good at the gym," says the fitness-concierge founder of SIN Workouts. Here are the cheery, workout pieces that do the trick.

Vanessa Martin As founder of SIN Workouts (or Strength In Numbers), Vanessa Martin is New York City’s foremost fitness concierge—which means it’s her job to curate fitness classes and personally make sure her clients get there (oh, and give it 100 percent).

But what makes Martin’s service so successful is her approach to the workout, which, instead of just being a human alarm clock, is based purely around positivity, laughter, and fun.

So what exactly allows Martin to stay so cheery through those daily 6:00 a.m. sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp?

“It’s all about a look-good feel-good mentality,” she says. “If I don’t believe I look good, it affects my workout.”

Martin designs her workout wardrobe by finding the sweet spot between style and functionality. While she might opt for a breathable and roomy pair of shorts, she’ll add a little flare to the outfit by accessorizing with a flashy watch or hat.

You’ll find Martin’s studio style picks below. Because even if you can’t afford a fitness concierge right now, it always helps to have a cute ensemble waiting for you to slip into when getting up for an early morning workout. —Jamie McKillop

-1 1. SIN Workouts Alternative Apparel Hoodie ($50) Anyone who knows me expects “outfit changes” throughout my workouts. I always layer up to peel off during the course of a workout. Yes, even in hot yoga classes, my hoodie is on during our first down dog. It’s a common joke in a Flywheel class that my hoodie will stay on until the end of the second song. I like to jump start the warm-up process. SINers have now started to catch on to this idea and we roll up to any workout, even Bikram, with matching gear and high-fives.

img 2. Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway Watch ($275) Trust me, I am so not a jewelry girl, but I have certain staple pieces. My watch is one of those. Given the fact that it’s my job to ensure clients make it through a workout, making it to the workout is the first step and SIN is their reminder. Needless to say, my watch is always on my wrist and I think I check this more times a day than my phone, which for me, is a lot. I know it sounds silly, but if I happen to forget to put my watch on, I feel like I forgot to put pants on. Yes, it’s giant, but I feel like my left arm snags a little more of a workout in a barre class.

3. Nike Air Max+ 2013 Women’s Running Shoe ($180) Since I was five years old I have had a thing for sneakers. The colorful ones always caught my eye, especially the ones that were for boys. My mother once had to refuse my wearing wrestling shoes to school… Now, as an adult, finding the right pair changes a workout for me, both for comfort and my firm belief in “look good, feel good!” These Nike Air Max+ are the most recent addition to my collection and also my favorite.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 4.18.12 PM 4. Nike Hyper Elite Crew Basketball Socks ($18) Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my high school days of basketball, but I still love the way 3/4 socks look with (short) shorts for a boot camp workout.

5. Adidas Thrasher Snap Back Hat ($24) While most girls pull their hair back with a rubber band, ever since I went for a short choppy haircut, my flat brim has saved me and my not-able-to-be-ponytailed hair in my workouts ….and it just looks cool.

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