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We really hope you got to relax and recharge this summer—and try paddle board yoga, do boot camp on a stretch of beach, or just got time to read a novel instead of your inbox messages. We checked in with some of our favorite wellness world stars to find out how they spent their summer.


Lauren Imparato
Founder, I.AM.YOU Yoga

My summer highlight was ten days of sailing along the coast of Turkey. We pulled up to random bays with amazing healthy food. There were restaurants everywhere we went—amazing, amazing food! Plus sun, sea, cannonballs, and yoga on the boat.

I also went to London for the Olympics! The healthiest thing I did was get a green juice en route to teaching.

The most unhealthy was probably sampling the pint glasses of champagne they sold at the games. (Yoga is all about balance!)

I taught classes and privates for the athletes, and managed to attend two gold medal events. Men’s Beach Volleyball was in the most amazing, perfect setting. The only way to have made it better would have been with Team USA in the game or, of course, with a Kerri Walsh sighting of any kind.

I also attended the Men’s Soccer finals, where their countless Sun Salutes and Urdvha Hastasanas paid off in the continual 86,000 stadium waves. And of course I was sporting something gold or Team USA-colored the whole time I was there—from tees, to shades to kicks.