My summer vacation: Loren Bassett

How did some of favorite wellness world stars spent their days off? Pure Yoga's Loren Bassett went surfing, spinning, and horseback riding.

We really hope you got to relax and recharge this summer—and try paddle board yoga, do boot camp on a stretch of beach, or just got time to read a novel instead of your inbox messages. We checked in with some of our favorite wellness world stars to find out how they spent their summer.

Loren Bassett
Yoga instructor, Pure Yoga

Many of my amazing vacation stories were in the spring: India with Raghunath, St. Barths for birthday celebrations (mine and my friend’s) and Holbox Island, Mexico, for the yoga retreat I hosted with Halle Becker!

This summer, I spent weekends in the Hamptons doing yoga in a tent on a vineyard, at surfing lessons, lounging poolside, spinning at SoulCycle, cooking on the grill, eating delicious sushi at Nobu, and taking yoga class with Kiley Holliday at Hot Yoga Hamptons studio in Bridgehampton. And I taught at a yoga studio in Southampton for charity, Yoga Gives.

I also spent a weekend in upstate New York at a cute B&B called Inn at Lake Joseph. It was a charming inn on a lake with kayaking, beautiful hikes, horseback riding. Lush, green, and peaceful. I took my two dogs, and they loved it!

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