My Weekly Workout: Brooke Temner

Bliss Spa's senior communications director Brooke Temner shares her serious boxing and SoulCycle-filled week, complete with a spa recovery day.

At five feet zero with a perennial hot-pink manicure, Bliss Spa’s senior communications director Brooke Temner looks more like a girly girl at first glance than a hardcore boxer.

But don’t let her sweet smile fool you. Temner, who’s been training with Dell Brown at Mendez Boxing for the past seven years, is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. (And probably outside of it, too.)

“I love being able to land a jab that makes a ‘snap’ sound on the pads or impress the boys after sparring a few rounds,” the beauty maven says. “That’s what empowers me.”

Temner started mixing boxing with SoulCycle in 2009, and she’s since become addicted to the combined results of both workouts.

“I now feel mentally and physically invincible, and make fitness a major priority in my life,” she says. “I can’t wait to work out instead of dreading it, like I once did.”

Here, she shares her kick-ass weekly workout routine. But ever the spa girl, Temner also knows how to relax, throwing in a couple of “personal” days when needed. Hey, we’re not going to fight with that. —Jamie McKillop

Monday (6:30 p.m.): Whatever the exercise, you follow the boxing bell, which goes off at the start and finish of every round. These are three minute rounds with a one minute rest in between each round. Tonight it’s three rounds on the [jump] rope: I’m not talking double-dutch, but after many slaps of rope against my arm, I’ve mastered some fancy footwork. Then six rounds punching the pads, and 30 minutes circuit training. Some of the exercises from tonight were jump squats, tire throws and flips, jack knife crunches, jumping lunges.

Tuesday (7:15 a.m.): I am not a morning person, therefore I’m not a morning workout person either, but today I managed to get up for a 20 minute run at the gym in my apartment building. I feel ready to start the day!

Wednesday (6:30 p.m.): Three rounds on the heavy bag with 30 jumping jacks during the rest period: Tonight Dell doesn’t do “rest periods” but it’s okay, I like it. We do three rounds punching the pads: This is another mix of punching combos and bobbing and weaving. Then 30 minutes of circuit training—similar to Monday’s routine, but tonight we did were mountain climbers, kettlebell squats, push-ups with claps, jumping lunges, pull-ups, dips, and curls. We end with a 20 minute run: I get bored, so I prefer do intervals and change the speed and incline and every two minutes.

Thursday: In my book, staying fit mentally and physically is all about balance. I always get a “workout high,” but I need “me time” as well. It’s okay to put down the kettlebells. So that’s what I did.

Friday (2:30): Today’s a half day, and my sparring opponent is Julio (a.k.a. “Young Blood”). He’s also training with Dell—to fight, that is. Young Blood and I spar four rounds. I manage to implement my punch combos, duck his punches (he throws them a little slower and softer for me), and practice my footwork. You’d be shocked at how you feel after just three minutes of this. If you think you’re in shape, try just one round and report back. It’s the best and worst possible feeling… and I love it.

Saturday (10:45 a.m.): I never miss Danny Kopel’s 10:45 a.m. SoulCycle class at the Union Square studio. I like to be front and center, so I don’t miss his amazing motivational taglines, dance moves, shoulder struts, and overall sass. But don’t mistake that for a ride in the park. Danny’s class is intense and I leave with a sweat of confidence and accomplishment.

Sunday: After a physically demanding week, I often have soreness in muscles I didn’t even know I had (i.e., a muscle in the palm of my hand is always sore from holding a fist). Working at Bliss has its wonderful perks, and I make sure to see one of my favorite massage therapists, Knovy Nicolas at Bliss SoHo, as often as possible.

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