My Weekly Workout: Cristina DeVito

Find out what the founder of the women's-only mud run did in preparation for her very first Mudderella obstacle race.
Cristina Devito founded Mudderella, which doesn’t mean she’s always coated in dirt. Sweat, on the other hand… (Photo: Mudderella)

Some women don’t mind mud-caked sneakers and leggings. Cristina DeVito is one of them. She got her start in the mud race industry as the chief strategy officer at Tough Mudder, the famously hard-core challenge race with 10 or so miles of obstacles like fire, electric shocks, and crawling under barbed wire. You know, everyday stuff.

Then last year she went on to create the women’s-only mud race, Mudderella. With up to seven miles of obstacles like trampolining onto a cargo net, climbing up it, and then sliding down into a muddy pool, it’s still not something you want to do in a dress and heels.

“When we looked at the event landscape for women, we saw an opportunity to create a true athletic challenge that empowered women,” DeVito says. “We’re not asking if you’re tough enough. We’re reminding you that you are strong enough.”

DeVito just completed her first Mudderella race at the New York-New Jersey event this month. And even the race’s own CEO was humbled by some of the obstacles. “There are always obstacles that will be hard for me, and running six miles is always a challenge for me no matter how much I work out,” she admits. “But I felt really good.”

Here’s a sample week of workouts DeVito did leading up to the race. And check out these three workouts to get obstacle race-ready if you’re in the New York City area. —Jamie McKillop

Sunday: It was raining and cold outside, so I decided to sweat it out at the gym. I started off with 20 minutes of run-walk intervals on the treadmill followed by a 12-minute jog. Then I did 15 minutes of light spinning on the stationary bike, and I hit the mats for some toning exercises wrapping it up with a one minute plank. Feeling good, I decided to treat myself to a manicure.

Monday: I like to kick off the week with an 8:30 p.m. SoulCycle Tribeca class with one of my favorite instructors, Jeremy. He does a great job incorporating upper body moves throughout the class and uses a great mix of hip-hop and both old school and new school pop.

Tuesday: Since I’m getting ready to run Mudderella, I decided to run tonight. I did a brisk five minute walk to warm up and then did three rounds of a 10 minute run followed by a five minute walk, for a total of 50 minutes of cardio. I stretched well afterwards to help avoid injury and stay loose for the week.

Wednesday: I knew today would be tough to get a workout in given my schedule and dinner with some girlfriends. It was such a beautiful night, though, that I decided to take advantage and walk to Noho from downtown Brooklyn where our offices are. Great way to get in an hour of exercise, get some fresh air, and catch up with friends.

Thursday: I hit up SLT tonight! I haven’t been in a while and the Megaformer always gives me a great workout, hitting those muscle groups that I somehow miss otherwise.

Friday: Today was a tough one to get a workout in since I was traveling. I did the Tone It Up workout, which is easy to do on the road. I did a circuit of walk-out planks, wide grip push-ups, bench dips, side step ups, ice skaters, walking lunges, and opposite toe crunches. Each exercise gets 15 reps, and I repeat the full circuit four times.

Saturday: Rest day! Enjoyed the weekend with friends and gave my body a chance to recharge.

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