My Weekly Workout: Teresa Moore

W Magazine and Elle cover girl Teresa Moore shares her typical week of workouts that keep her camera ready year-round.

New Zealand and Tonga native Teresa Moore is used to being in front of the camera, with W Magazine and ELLE covers under her belt (er, bikini string), along with campaigns for H&M Swimwear to Sephora, just to name a few. And with most of her time (and profession) spent sans clothes in the spotlight, Moore sees planning her workouts and meals carefully as part of the job.

For the New York transplant that means “working out almost as soon as I walk out the door by running outside or regular really intense SLT workouts where your heart rate is up the whole time,” Moore says of her personal approach to fitness.

“I aim for 30-50 minutes five times a week, and I eat a healthy, natural Paleo diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish—and no fried, sugary, fake or processed foods. Most of all, I try to be consistent.”

Of course, Moore gets stuck at work (on long shoots), like the rest of us, and has lots of travel days, which put a damper on workout time, even when the desire is there. “Ideally, I’d have time to work out daily,” she says. “But I just try to eat a little healthier on those days when it’s just not going to be possible.”

Here’s what a typical week of workouts look like for Moore. And as you can see, her regimen is clearly working for her. —Jamie McKillop

Monday: I went to my SLT class for a 50-minute intensive class using the Megaformer. After a long weekend I was excited to work out and get toned up, then I had a lunch of fish and vegetables.

Tuesday: I worked in the photo studio from nine to five, so I did a quick 35 minute run at 7:00 a.m. along the West Side Highway. I felt good to start the day and have my workout done so I didn’t think about how to get it in later. It also helped me feel fresh and awake for my photo shoot.

Wednesday: I went for a 40 minute run before lunch and castings in the afternoon. I am not a morning person. I quite like working out in the middle of the day when I am more awake!

Thursday: I went to my SLT class with my favorite trainer who only works on Thursdays. It’s great for overall body strength and toning and definitely has enough cardio to work up a sweat. I kind of dread the idea of it about 10 minutes into the class, but once you’re in the home stretch it feels like a huge achievement and your whole body is trembling.

Friday: I was shooting early on location in Miami and didn’t have time to work out at all.

Saturday: I took advantage of being in Miami Beach and ran along the beach in the morning on the boardwalk and hard sand for 40 minutes. So beautiful. I love when my workout is outside in nature. It’s a somewhat spiritual experience.

Sunday: I was a little hungover from Saturday night out, so I did a half-assed jog along the beach for 30 minutes to sweat a little and get some fresh air in the morning. A quick dip in the ocean afterwards was so refreshing—not much exercise, however, really lovely.

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(Photo: Teresa Moore for H&M)

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