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Photo: Stocksy/Tatjana Ristanic

You’ve probably started to see, hear, and feel its warning signs: sniffles on the train on your way to work, clogged sinuses, and an increase in elbow coughing. Yup, we’re moving into the everyone’s-got-a-cold time of year.

Experts are forecasting an especially bad flu season, which means sick days may be on the horizon. So consider stocking up on these natural remedies…

Scroll down to see 4 natural ways to beat flu season.

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Photo: Indie Lee

1. Indie Lee’s Homemade Bad Cold Balm

DIYing your balm instead of relying on a store-bought version can help you avoid a major pesky ingredient: petroleum. Indie Lee’s recipe swaps out the ingredient for coconut oil, the multi-purpose health favorite. Apply liberally when you have a cough, chest spasms, or for pain relief and immune-system boosting.


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Photo: Instagram/@the.avo.eater

2. Coconut Oil

Among coconut oil’s many health perks are its antiviral properties. The fatty substance is heat-stable (meaning it’ll retain its health side effects even when heated) and can ease everything from a bad cough to a sore throat.


echinacaea skin ingredient
Photo: Stocksy/Kaat Zoetekouw

3. Echinacea Tincture

Before there were antibiotics, there was echinacea. Add a tincture of the anti-inflammatory stuff to whatever you’re sipping on for a faster cold recovery.


Photo: Stocksy/Tatjana Ristanic

4. Ginger Shots

As the recent winner in the battle of the health shots (even against the crowd-favorite, ACV), a shot of ginger brims with health benefits for combatting your cold: It’s immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory, and nausea settling.

To stay healthy this flu season, don’t skip out on your beauty sleep—and remember to eat your superfoods.