Natural moisturizers for summer

Out with the old and in with the new (moisturizers, that is!).

By Alexandra Spunt for

It’s actually happened. Every moisturizer I’ve liked even a little bit, has been squeezed out, run dry, or is officially past any acceptable due date for use. We’re SO lucky here to have awesome products sent our way, but as a result I’m just not in the habit of buying new moisturizers (OK, except for Tammy when I’m in New York and it stares at me longingly), because there’s usually at least a few lingering in my cabinet.

I’m making do with some last drops of oil I have from Marie Veronique and May Lindstrom—not exactly slumming it. But, while I lovelovelove nourishing face oils, sometimes you just want that water-combo consistency provided by a good moisturizer. Sometimes oil can seem to just disappear…

So what should I buy? Something old or something new? What’s in your arsenal of tricks?

Here are some favorites from my past… (The product names link to old reviews if you’re interested… as old as 2010!)

Tammy Fender Repair Balm: Siobhan and I have been obsessed with this stuff since that perfect box first appeared in the mail. It’s got a magically gummy, hydrating, consistency that we love, and it’s made with incredible ingredients. But it costs a small fortune, runs out fast, and maybe—hopefully—some of its magic powers are just in our heads? Maybe. Anyways, I’d love to find something in this consistency range that isn’t bank breaking. Any recs?

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