New natural massage oils add a little sexy to your Valentine’s Day

La Fresh Massage OilsYou know what’s not sexy?

Massaging…mmm…methylparaben and….oh yeah…propylparaben…into your special someone’s skin. But lots of drugstore massage oils will create exactly that scenario. (Okay, maybe without these specific sound effects.)

Enter La Fresh’s new line of Eco-Beauty 100% Natural Massage Oils ($18).

They come in five botanical blends, some of which are crafted for sensual occasions such as the one that’s almost upon us. You can choose Arouse (lemon, orange, and grapefruit) for a little excitement, or Relax (with lavender) or Soothe (peppermint) if your significant other is a bundle of nerves.

And hey, it won’t hurt to have one stashed in your nightstand for days when you’ve spent a million crazy hours at the office and need to be the recipient of a serious rub-down.

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