New toys popping up at local gyms

Check out the two newest toys to hit local gyms: the Trixter Xdream, a stationary bike that simulates an outdoor ride (minus the traffic), and ViPR, a Canadian's answer to the kettlebells.
The Trixter XDream at Chelsea Piers,
The Trixter XDream at Chelsea Piers

Most of us need entertainment when working out, and NYC gyms respond by constantly introducing new toys to make us sweat.

In the high-tech realm, NYC just got its first Trixter Xdream, the $7,000 stationary bike that rides like a video game. It moves side to side (for core activation and to mimic the feel of off-roading) and you literally steer the handlebars through various terrain. Right now it’s only available at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers.

Decidedly less high-tech is Equinox’s new roll-out— ViPR (pronounced “viper”), a whole body exercise using long rubber tubes. Developed by University of Alberta kinesiologist, Michol Dalcourt, currently ViPR is only available through Equinox’s personal training program. Though an hour-long one-on-one ViPR training session costs $50, whereas usually Equinox personal training hovers closer to the $90 mark.

ViPR training,
ViPR is a Canadian export

In January, Equinox will debut ViPR group fitness classes. These hollow rubber cylinders, and their 9,000 accompanying exercises (lifting, flipping, squatting, lunging, carrying, tilting, reaching and rotating), could become as ubiquitious as kettlebells.

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