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New York City yogis welcome Wanderlust

Photo: Michael Malandra


While last night’s Wanderlust Yoga in the City wasn’t as big or prolonged as its other yoga-music festivals around the country, New York’s very own mini-fest on Pier 63 drew about a 1,000 yogis and showcased the city’s amazing yoga talent and passionate community of practitioners.

Wanderlust NYC 2011
Breakti's Anya Porter and Well+Good co-founder, Melisse Gelula

Breakdancing-yogi Anya Porter, creator of Breakti, kicked off the event with her Yoga Flash Mob, or “Breakti Original Movement (BOM).” Porter and her team of awesome yogi-breakdancers psyched up the crowd for the class to come, while the rest of us had fun trying to follow the moves.

The yoga class, co-taught by NYC yoga legends Elena Brower and Schuyler Grant, was nothing short of a challenge, especially on a grassy slope in the unseasonably hot, hot sun. The pose that steered the narrative of the class? Visvamitrasana! (Thanks to a fortuitous partnership with SmartWater, we didn’t spot any early Savasanas.)

Other highlights included Acroyogis demonstrating incredible feats, the live music of EarthRise SoundSystem and Garth Stevenson during the class, a mind-blowing dance performance at the end of the practice (who were those guys?!), and the evening wrapped up like an outdoor dance club as the sun set on the Hudson. Proof that yogis are getting so much better at throwing a great party.

For more outdoor yoga events and classes all summer long, download a free copy of the Summer Wellness Guide to New York City.


Schuyler Grant and Elena Brower
Schuyler Grant and Elena Brower. Photo: Michael Malandra
Acroyogis wow the crowd with their incredible feats of strength and balance. Photo: Michael Malandra