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Trendy hotel and New York nightlife destination, The Dream Downtown, causes a lot of hangovers. But it's now offering multiple options for curing them, too.
Dream Downtown
(Photo: Dream Downtown)


Trendy hotel and New York City nightlife destination The Dream Downtown causes a lot of hangovers. But it’s now offering multiple options for curing them, too.

Last week, the West 16th Street hotspot launched “Sunday Sessions,” yoga and meditation classes offered every other week. They’re free, open to the public, and take place in the Gallery, an event space that also recently hosted the hotel’s Halloween party and an event with Courtney Love. (On the Sundays in between, classes are on non-wellness topics, like knitting.)

The sessions are taught by Lululemon ambassadors, like Sacred Sounds Danielle Tafeen and Yoga Vida’s Amanda Smear Baudier. And after (or before) class, you can head downstairs to the recently-opened Melvin’s Juice Box, for a nutrient-filled hydrating green juice.

With Serene hosting classes at The James, and now classes at The Dream, yoga may soon be a must-offer wellness amenity to make a downtown New York hotel hip. —Lisa Elaine Held

Visit the Dream Downtown’s Facebook page for details on class times and teachers. BYO mat.