New York yoga superstars lead Vinyasa Week at Yoga Union

Alison West rope wall
Yoga Union
Elena Brower, David Regelin, and Alison West will lead yoga-teacher tune-up classes this week at Yoga Union


On the heels of all the buzz, banter, and BS about the dangers of yoga and the kind of training yoga teachers get, an impressive roster of top New York yoga instructors is spearheading Vinyasa Week starting Monday.

Like CMA courses for yogis, they’ll be teaching twice daily classes devoted to “what makes an outstanding vinyasa class…and smart alignment choices,” says Alison West, who’s hosting the five-day event at Yoga Union in the Flatiron District.

The famed alignment guru (and studio owner) seriously worked her Rolodex to create the program, recruiting instructors that include Elena Brower, David Regelin, Isaac Pena, Nikki Vilella, Dana Flynn, and more.

The week is meant to act as continuing education for certified yoga teachers or newbies in training, who’ll learn from and practice with vinyasa masters.

Curious about what skills they’ll be getting? You can join your yoga teacher for a tune-up and take one of these tough classes, too.

Vinyasa Week is March 5–9. Cost: $60 for a single session, $110 for one day, $500 for the week. For more info visit or to register, click here.

Yoga Union, 37 W. 28th St., btwn Broadway and Sixth Ave., Flatiron, 212-510-7404

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