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New York’s first Spring Smoothie Smack Down

SmoothieWhat separates a good smoothie from a great one? A balance of flavor and nutrition? A chef’s care and creativity? All of the above!

Next week, New York’s Urban Detox Club (UDC) will showcase the smoothie-making skills of chefs of all stripes in a battle for Vitamix victory.

The Spring Smoothie Smack Down, on Thursday, March 21, is the first event in UDC’s new “Healthy Hang” event series, and it was inspired by the company’s cleanse programs.

“Morning smoothies are a signature part of all of the UDC programs because they are quick, easy, healthy, and delicious,” says co-founder Rebecca Sadek. “Our clients love sending us their favorite UDC-inspired smoothie concoctions, so we decided it was time to put their skills to the test!”

Entry in the competition is open to all (with a $10 fee), and for the first round, competitors will be allowed to bring five of their own ingredients, with milk options and protein powders provided. In the final round, the remaining competitors will have ten minutes to whip up something genius using a secret set of ingredients, “Chopped”-style. (They should have called it “Blended.”)

A panel of judges—including Well+Good’s very own Lisa Elaine Held, Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp creator Laura Miranda, and Mind Over Matter owner Josh Margolis—will decide the winners based on creativity, taste, and nutrition value.

And if you’re not quite a mixologist but can drink superfoods (and wine) like it’s your job, you can attend as a voting audience member. Just don’t blame us if you overdose on chia seeds.

Register to compete in or attend the Smoothie Smack Down here.