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Pirate Juice TruckSome food trucks brave the winter chill  (okay, they weren’t that brave this year) and peddle their meals-on-wheels year-round in New York City.

Others, like the Green Pirate Truck and Cinnamon Snail, go into hibernation until the streets are sunnier.

And, guess what? They’re back, and the two trucks, which sell some of the city’s healthiest (and most delicious) street fare, have added some tantalizing items to their menus this spring.

Here’s what to try on a lunch break sometime soon:

Truck: The Green Pirate Juice Truck
New item: Almond Blueberry Protein Shake

green pirate truck
The Green Pirate roving juice truck

The city’s only mobile juicing outfit is expanding its offerings by adding this rich shake that’s made with homemade organic raw almond milk, blueberries, dates, raw cacao nibs, a hint of organic vanilla, and raw honey.

Other changes this year include smaller portion sizes (were people getting juice hangovers?), “more hardcore greens juices due to customer demand, and the return of wheatgrass!” says Deborah Smith, the truck’s owner.

Green Pirate officially opens for business again on April 2, and you can track its location on Twitter.

cinnamon snail
Cinnamon Snail truck for vegan foodies

Truck: Cinnamon Snail
New item: Smoked portobello mushroom carpaccio sandwich, served on grilled herb focaccia bread with fried capers, caramelized onions, and truffled kalamata olive tapenade

This truck of all-vegan delights sells more than just its famous pastries, as evidenced by this heavenly-sounding mushroom sandwich.

Cinnamon Snail is also adding a former special—the ancho chili seitan burger made with ground wheat gluten and topped with horseradish cream and a piri piri pepper sauce—to its permanent menu, according to The truck reemerged this week—track its whereabouts on Twitter. —Lisa Elaine Held