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Photo: Instagram/@nicolerichie

It’s hard to imagine celebrities enjoying some chill time by themselves, away from the bustling schedules full of shoots, interviews, and jet-setting. But—just like mere mortals such as myself—they find ways to sneak it in (otherwise, how could they remain so cool and collected?).

Take Nicole Richie, for example. The mom-actress-fashion designer recently revealed to Byrdie how she stays sane in the midst of all of her hyphenates. Her secret? A super early morning.

“Pretty much every day, I’ll wake up anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30,” says Richie. Impressive, TBH. She admits that she truly needs that alone time—before taking care of her kids and doing normal “American mom” things—in order to fully prepare her headspace for the day.

“It’s just a very quiet, nice time, and then my body gets to wake up with the sun and with the day, which I love.”

Instead of doing some sort of morning meditation or yoga sequence, Richie says she merely likes to let the dogs out or walk around while everyone else is asleep. “I mean, the birds aren’t even up yet!” she says. “It’s just a very quiet, nice time, and then my body gets to wake up with the sun and with the day, which I love. It’s also one of the only times I don’t feel like I have to be checking my phone.”

After having all that crucial “me” time, she then feels like she can take care of everyone else. “I know that I really value time by myself,” she says. “I need to be able to do one thing I want to do, and I need to spend time with my kids. If I can manage that, then I can manage doing everything else.” Preach that self-care, girl.

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