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We want you to name a Wellness Trend for 2018

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Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

It may still be summer, but here at Well+Good HQ we’ve already started looking into our crystal ball (okay, more like doing some major researching and brainstorming) to come up with our predictions for the biggest healthy trends of 2018.

Here’s why: Come November, we’ll be announcing our Wellness Trends, the ultimate (and annual) list of what will be huge in the coming year, from what we’ll be eating (inflammation-fighting foods) to what we’ll be talking about (cannabis domination). Those were just two of the trends we called in 2017—and this go-round, we want to hear from you.

As wellness tastemakers in your own right, you have intel on what’s happening on the ground in your community. A buzzy new ingredient? A totally fresh take on sweat-sesh attire? A groundbreaking shift in ideology? It’s all fair game. Check out the Wellness Trends of 2017 for inspiration, and start sharing!

Scroll down or click here to nominate your ideas for Wellness Trends 2018 by August 4. Your trend could make the list!