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This January, NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies added a new group of courses to its catalog: five classes on how to live a healthier life, on wellness topics from fitness to sleep.

The courses can be taken individually or as a unit that leads to a “Certificate in Wellness.” Steve Hubbard, the director of student affairs, said that the school has offered various wellness classes in the past and thought it was time to offer a more comprehensive program.

“Wellness hits all aspects of people’s lives, both personal and professional,” Hubbard says. “With our national debate on health care and all of our country’s current health issues, more people are interested wellness, in the workplace and for personal reasons.”

The courses cover fitness, nutrition, sleep, relaxation and meditation, and “perspectives on personal and environmental wellness,” and are being taught by a mix of NYU professors and outside instructors.

The classes and certificate are aimed at helping students weave a greater understanding of health and wellness into all aspects of their everyday lives, rather than setting them up for a profession.

Could a more job-centric health coach certification similar to the Institute for Integral Nutrition’s be next? —Lisa Elaine Held