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If you’ve ever sat at home on a Friday night, staring into a well-lit microscopic mirror to fully examine your pores and dark spots while simultaneously Googling your various symptoms, rest assured you’re not only not alone, but you’re in star-studded company.

Olivia Munn—who never shies away from sharing her well-researched take on health and wellness, including why she’s all for egg freezing—talked to Coveteur about her tried-and-true beauty secrets and hacks, and says her affinity for a good Google search is what helped her figure out the secret to combatting her adult acne.

“I stopped all fluoride (tap water and ingesting it), and the chin acne stopped.”

“I talk to a lot of people,” Munn says. “I talk to a lot of acupuncturists, healers, and doctors. You can’t get enough knowledge when it comes to learning what’s right about something that has been talked about for so long. Everybody has a different way to do skin care.”

Two years ago, Munn decided to do some digging—online, that is—to finally find a way to clear her chin acne.

“If you look up online ‘female chin acne and fluoride,’ you’ll see that when we drink fluoride or have it in our toothpaste, something happens with our hormones during that certain time of the month where women start to get acne,” Munn says. “I stopped all fluoride (tap water and ingesting it), and the chin acne stopped.”

Since federal officials have advised states and cities to lower the amount of fluoride in the public water supply (because the mineral has been designated a neurotoxin), tap water may be a non-issue in the future. And in terms of fluoride in toothpaste? The American Dental Association is firmly in the “pro” camp—but many dentists say that the non-fluoride route is the healthier one. If it also clears up your monthly chin eruption, as Munn contends? The anti-fluoride crowd might’ve just gotten a new talking point.

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