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Lolo JonesBy Nina Elias for

What do Shawn Johnson, Dara Torres, and Lolo Jones have in common outside of the gym? Great skin. Beyond its obvious benefits (like keeping your weight in check, adding years to your life, and helping you don a bathing suit with confidence), exercise can aid in clearing up your peskiest complexion woes while keeping others at bay.

Here, Dr. Ava Shamban, board-certified dermatologist and author of Heal Your Skin, breaks down the beauty benefits of a good sweat session—Olympics-worthy or not:

Suppress Stress: Vigorous exercise helps shut down the stress hormones (which cause belly fat) and divert oxygen and nutrients back to your skin. Regular exercise also promotes a healthy sleep cycle, which is vital to your skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

Anti-inflammatory benefits: Exercise breaks the inflammation cycle in the body, calming and cooling your system. You’ll see less redness, fewer blemishes, and a faster turnover of dead skin cells.

Keep reading for two more benefits and for Dr. Shamban’s workout beauty tips…

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