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Organic Avenue sets up shop in Soho (and beyond)

organic avenueAs the Juice Couture trend picks up speed, the pioneering founders of Organic Avenue are sprinting ahead with two brand new locations: a Soho outpost at 156 Sullivan Street, at Houston, and an Upper East Side location on Lexington.

Grubstreet reported that the Soho store quietly opened Monday. “To some, Soho is a tourist attraction, but to Organic Avenue it’s a neighborhood and a community,” Doug Evans, the president of Organic Avenue, told us.

“Our new store is equidistant between our Lower East Side headquarters and our West Village store. We found that there were a lot of people in this area requesting the products,” says Evans, who looks forward to hosting outdoor events out front in warm weather.

In the meantime, the Soho shop—open 8AM–8PM seven days a week—will stock all the Organic Avenue signature juices, sold individually or as part of the five popular Love cleanses.

Stay tuned for details on the Upper East Side location, slated to open within the next few weeks.

Have you stopped by the Soho shop for a green drink or juice yet? Let us know what you think in the Comments area, below!