Organic Avenue’s swish new Midtown pop-up shop has something for tourists

Summer tourists are about to discover Organic Avenue. It just opened a pop-up on Thursday that looks like giant juice flagship, next door to Bergdorf Goodman.
Organic Avenue
The swanky storefront next to Bergdorf Goodman. (Photo:


Attention Bergdorf shoppers: Your green juice is waiting for you next door.

Organic Avenue just opened its newest and most swish location on Thursday, on 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

What looks like a hoighty-toighty Midtown flagship, with a venerable facade and ceremonial flags in signature orange, is actually a summer-only pop-up shop for the growing juice and raw food company.

With this temporary yet ginormous 2,000-square-foot space, Organic Avenue will capitalize on the seasonal influx of Midtown shoppers and Central Park tourists. (And to cater to New Yorkers fleeing the tourists and the city, this week Organic Avenue also opened its summer Southampton location.)

On the menu at the 57th Street boutique: an impressive selection of the signature juices, chlorophyll shots for haggard shoppers, and a bounty of raw foods and snacks—plus cashew ice cream for hot summer days. There’s also a 20-seat communal table for dining in.

With this splashy store and location, it’s likely we’ll see way more New York tourists proudly carrying their orange Organic Avenue bags alongside their purple Bergdorf Goodman ones—and turning the totes into a summer souvenir when they head back home.

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