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Our incredible readers just donated $20,000 to Girls On The Run

Girls on the Run FacebookWe did it, you guys! Together we raised $20,000 for Girls on the Run, the beneficiary of our 2015 Fitness Biathlons. (And we have the sore muscles and sweaty selfies to prove it!)

Unless you were deep in a month-long meditation, we took our Fitness Biathlon to two new cities this fall: Boston and Chicago. Our New York Biathlon expanded to almost three times the size of last year’s!

IMG_9013 (1)Thanks to all of our event sponsors and super-gracious fitness studio partners, every dollar raised though the sale of over 500 tickets went straight to Girls on the Run. “We are thrilled that the donation could increase so much this year with the growth of the Biathlon,” said Well+Good co-founder Alexia Brue, who celebrated the success of our partnership when she  presented the check to the GOTR team at their office in downtown Manhattan.

GOTR_Biathlon_CheckIn case you couldn’t make it out of one of our Fitness Biathlons (hey, bringing gigantic, healthy after-parties to every single state is no easy task!) we rounded up a few ways you can get involved with Girls On The Run:

1. Lace up to run their annual 5K run on December 6. Run the course in celebration with the girls as a Sparkle Runner, or bring your own team of BFFs and do the course with them.

2. Become a GOTR coach. As a volunteer coach, you’ll be paired with a team of girls to help inspire them to be joyful, healthy, and confident through running and other fun lessons.

3. Stay tuned!  Well+Good and GOTR are in the midst of planning many more ways to sweat together. “We’re looking forward to working with them for many years to come and to supporting them next year when they celebrate their 10th anniversary in NYC,” says Brue. —Sarah Sarway

To volunteer, make a donation, or learn more about Girls on the Run, visit