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Paging all runners and triathletes: JackRabbit & Nimble Fitness training series kicks off tonight

After the success of their partnership last year, Nimble Fitness, the boutique gym and personal training destination near Union Square, and JackRabbit Sports are teaming up again to offer a hands-on, in-depth core strength and conditioning class designed specifically for runners and triathletes. It’s like having your own sports-specific coach, just like elite athletes do, at a fraction of the cost.

“What makes this a necessity for runners and triathletes is the way the program focuses on optimal function, strength and alignment of the hips, knees and feet,” says Daniel Lucas, a Nimble Fitness instructor who helped create the program and will be teaching the portion for runners. “Having the strength and flexibility to maintain proper running, biking or swimming mechanics is vital to staying healthy in road races and triathlons.”

Nimble Fitness co-founder Daniel Lucas will teach you how to run faster and with fewer injuries

The class will meet for 60-minute sessions on Tuesday nights for eight weeks, with exercises progressing from simple to complex and strength training moving from activation to movement. Although the first class is tonight, there are a few slots left, and if you miss the first week, they’ll be offering a make-up session at the end.

Although it’s designed for the aspiring Iron Woman, Lucas says that anyone can benefit from the class. “This is the kind of workshop where everyone walks away with a higher quality, focused strength and activation program, with runner-specific stretching techniques they can use forever. Everyone who attends will have a better idea of how to prevent injuries, assess him or herself, and train effectively for big races.”

CORE Training for Runners & Triathletes, September 28th- November 16th, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., $195, Nimble Fitness, 42 East 12th Street between Broadway and University, NYC.