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Well+Good is your healthiest relationship, hooking you up with the best, most interesting things/people/leggings in wellness. And nothing gets at this concept better than the plus-sign in our logo—especially now as we unveil our new logo, and the new look of

Inside this plus sign, which acts like a gallery window, we’ll showcase the most exciting, transformative objects and ideas that add wellness to your life.

This week, we’re focused on love. While the romantic version is fine, we’re really into the perspective that self-love is even more key. And rose quartz, pictured here, has long been considered a tool for tapping into it.

Learn more about our healthy obsession with rose quartz now…and check back soon for more wellness inspiration that we’re excited about.

Self Love = Rose Quartz

Think back to your witchcraft stage as a child, when you believed in magic and carried around a little satchel of magical gems. The most important rock? Pink, cloudy, passionate Rose Quartz, of course.

Belief in the power of rose quartz goes back to the beginning of civilization—not just fourth grade. Beads dating back to 7000 BC have been found in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), and ancient Egyptians used the stone in powdered form in cosmetics, believing it cleared the skin and stopped wrinkles. Rose quartz facial masks have even been found in Egyptian tombs, placed there to ensure the buried will look fabulous in the afterlife (taking the overnight facial mask to a whole new level).

Modern crystal healers turn to the pink gem to anchor feelings of love, attune the heart chakra, heighten self esteem, and even release excess fluids and impurities from the body. “Rose Quartz is a gentle crystal that aids in the ever important truth of unconditional love,” says Whitney Bell, art director of the luxe, gem-glimmering jewelry line, Jacqui Aiche. “Wear rose quartz as an anchoring gem, to keep your heart full and vision clear.”

With its pinkish glow and milky, mild aura, the powerful vibes coming off rose quartz are hard to deny—even now, in your skeptical adult stage. And hey, Pantone also named it a color of the year, so you can also take the not-so spiritual route and just rock rose quartz as a pretty new favorite shade, like on your sneakers.

Get the scoop from Well+Good’s founders about the new look of Well+Good…

(Photos: Jacqui Aiche, French by Design, Nike)