Politics based on love: 8 things we learned from Marianne Williamson

The spiritual teacher and best-selling author invited hundreds of "spiritually conscious" New Yorkers to engage in a political conversation.
Marianne Williamson in New York for Sister Giant
Marianne Williamson in New York for Sister Giant (Photo: Outimpact.com)


Spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Marianne Williamson, visited New York City this weekend for her spiritual political movement and event called Sister Giant, which will be taking place in Los Angeles in November.

The East Village Middle Collegiate Church was packed with several hundred women (and some men) interested in being part of the new “conscious conversation” about how the “uprising of spirit” can inform political discussion, and maybe even the two-party system.

We attended Williamson’s “political conversation based on love,” and here are some of the most intriguing messages we took away from her talk. Tell us yours in the Comments, below:

1. We must take care of the children and our earth. We have a 23.1 percent child poverty rate, and 46 million people living in poverty in the United States altogether. Money is so obscenely placed ahead of our children, poverty, and the earth that we can’t believe what we’re seeing, so we need to open our eyes, understand this information, and begin a new conversation.

2. Let’s make love be the bottom line. We need a new world view, and a new bottom line that is not established on economic values but on humanitarian values. It is not naive to value love as the foundation of everything, because anyone who thinks we can continue to wage war, mess with the planet, and allow suffering and still survive as a species for another couple hundred is naive.

3. It’s not that people are speaking with too much hate, it’s that we’re speaking too softly with love. 

4. The first change is an internal one. If we want to change anything, we have to change on the inside and recognize where we are not owning our experience. If we do the internal work and change on an individual level, we change the world because we’re a nation of individuals.

5. We need to bring consciousness to politics. We have a spiritual and social function on this planet and we must stand up and say, “That will not happen in this house.” From a spiritual perspective, there’s power just in having this conversation.

6. The two-party system is inherently flawed. This structure was not spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and the greatest social forces in history have come from third parties. [Hint, hint.]

7. No matter who wins the election, we need a collective leap in consciousness in order to take our country and our world in the direction of peace and love.

8. We must address suffering. If people don’t see what’s going on, they don’t know to act. —Jennifer Kass

 Did you attend Marianne Williamson’s talk? Tell us what stood out for you in the Comments, below.

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