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Photo: Stocksy/Teller Kkgas

We’re officially in Libra season, which means you likely fall into one of two groups: those throwing nonstop birth-month bashes or those just along for the good times.

If you’re a Libra, now’s the time to treat yo’self. Set up your own birthday advent calendar, or dip into your savings to gift yourself silly.

Not a Libra? You’re most likely surrounded by ’em (they’re hella sociable). And, given their mediating skills, they’ve likely helped you navigate a few hiccups throughout the years, so now’s a great time to return the thoughtfulness. Whether you’re just exercising some self-care or showering your BFF for their birthday, here are some great gift options for spreading Libra love.

Shop the gifts for the fun-loving Libras in your life below.

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