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Superstar gym
Inside the new Superstar Gym in Tribeca. (Photo:

We recap everything earth-shattering that happened in health and wellness this week: May 11—17, 2013.


Superstar gym officially opened on Washington Street in Tribeca. The boutique gym calls itself a “European-style fitness center.

A new farm-t0-table restaurant, Betony, opened in Midtown. The spot is owned by Eleven Madison Park veterans Bryce Shuman and Eamon Rockey and is named for an herb in the mint family known for its healing qualities.

And Flywheel debuted a new Facebook booking feature that allows you to see if your friends are coming to class, and where they’re sitting.

Jessica Alba Flywheel
Cash Warren and Jessica Alba (Photo:


Angelina Jolie made waves with an editorial in the New York Times announcing her prophylactic mastectomy, which she had after discovering she carried a BRCA1 gene mutation, which raises a woman’s risk of breast cancer exponentially.

Jersey Shore star Snooki hinted at an upcoming workout video on Instagram, which may not be as bad as you’d think, considering she’s a fan of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Jessica Alba hosted a charity spin class for Baby2Baby at Flywheel in Los Angeles with Lacey Stone and Steven T. Little leading the class.


The Freelancer’s Union launched morning meditation classes for its members, who will probably seriously benefit considering most are in creative professions like writing and art.

And the Great Googa Mooga festival announced a new list of vegetarian and vegan food optionsafter attendees last year complained of a bacon overload and no options for the meat-averse. The festival’s second year in New York starts tomorrow.


Lululemon’s Brooklyn showroom is hosting a weekend of festivities on May 18 and 19, including run clubs, yoga classes, and a community potluck, before closing its doors in advance of the new store opening in Boerum Hill in June.

Health coach Amy Height is hosting a “Healthy Happy Hour” workshop on Saturday, June 1 that will help healthy types find balance without totally ditching their nightlife. Cheers to that!


Physique 57 added more online classes to its digital studio, including the classic 57-minute workout and express 30-minute sessions.

Hidden Pond in Maine
Morning yoga in the garden at Hidden Pond in Kennebunport, Maine.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) just launched an at-home fitness and diet program called UFC Fit (that will get you in fighting shape?) with 12 workout DVDs, a 100-plus page nutritional guide, and UFC champion Mike Dolce’s “3 Day Shred” tips.


Brenda Brock, founder of skin-care line Farmaesthetics, is leading the Garden Wellness Weekend at Kennebunkport’s Hidden Pond, June 7–9 (and September 13–15, 2013). The two-day retreats include a focus on sustainable beauty, natural skin-care, and growing ingredients that have wellness uses.